Why You Need to Walk Your Dog and How to Do It the Right Way

Walking is the simplest, cheapest, and most convenient form of physical activity. It’s the most popular activity among adult pet owners, as it is a cost-free way to bond with their pet and stay healthy. For dog owners, walking with their pet is more fun and rewarding than walking alone. However, many find it difficult to insert regular walking to their hectic daily routine. This is where the demand for dog walking services stemmed from – to help dog owners keep their beloved pet happy and healthy. Dog walking services Brisbane has today for example, have been providing great help for dog owners around the city for quite some time.
But why is dog walking so important? This entry will tell you more about the importance of walking your dog, and why they deserve to have someone to walk them on a regular basis.
It’s Their Primal Need, Important for their Survival
Walking your beloved dog regularly gives your pet the exercise he needs, and obviously, a good potty break. Though we can always let our dog run around our backyard, jump off things, and do silly stuff as we play with them, nothing can quite replace the real benefits of walking. As a matter of fact, there’s more to walking than what we see, and it has something to do with their instinct for survival.
Just as birds need to fly, dogs need to walk as well. It’s a primal need encoded in their genes which dates back from their ancestors (when they were just wolves). They wake up in the morning to search for food (hunt), and for them, walking fulfills their instinct on migration and survival.
As we walk our dog in the neighborhood, they investigate their environment, they smell, notice and remember the sights and sounds of the streets you walk them. In other words, they gather information, which is important in understanding their territory, an important aspect for their survival.
It’s Important for Good Behavior 
Walking also provides a great way to practice your pet’s obedience skills and reinforce your connection with him. It’s a good way to bond and to know your dog more. When you walk him around the neighborhood, he will meet a lot of people on the street; some of them walk their dogs as well. This will hone their social skills. Animal behaviorist says that dogs that are taken for regular walks are better behaved and are less likely to be obsessive, destructive, and less likely to have domination and separation issues.
Professional dog walkers in dog walking services Brisbane, AU has knows exactly how to train your dogs to act and behave in different situations in the street. Professional dog walkers can teach dogs to love the idea of meeting other dogs.
Walk Your Dog the Right Way
This may sound ridiculous, but there is indeed a right way to walk your canine bestfriend. The rule of thumb is to make them walk by your side or behind you, never in front of you. In simpler term, you should lead the way, not the other way around. This will tell your dog that you are in charge. This may sound trivial for first-time dog owners, but it can spell the difference between obedient and disobedient dog. This may take a lot of practice and a lot of walking.
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